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Here is the origin of all chaos. Sometimes things happen here but mostly they don't. Sometimes there's new stuff but mostly there isn't. A little more trivia clogging the networks and confusing the masses.

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"Stand out from the crowd! Why be just another part of the solution when you could be all of the problem?"

In response to overwhelming public demand I sucumbed and instituted the fixed footer. This will mean mostly nothing unless you happen to view one of the shorter pages at full screen in which case the footer will be neatly sitting at the bottom of the window. It took months of work to get this going due to the inertia effect of a brain that considers adding 4 bytes is bloating the code too much.

eCare Launched - 2008.10.24

stateofchaos is proud to announce the launch of eCare, it's new virtual day care facility. Gone are the days when you had to dump your brats at the nearest kindergarten or bribe the neighbours to watch the little horrors. Now peace of mind is just a mouse click... read more

The Toymaker's Doll - 2008.01.18

Widely applauded as a modern masterpiece of short fiction, The Toymaker's Doll is reproduced here for the first time. Breathtaking in scope yet possessing an ethereal beauty, this is a work of literary art that will leave you wondering... read more

Recent Rants

Rabid rabbit - 2008.01.23

Not much interesting happening right now so thought I'd just share something that's been puzzling me somewhat. A few days ago I was walking up the road to the corner post box in my lunch break like I often do, when a giant inflatable rabbit jumped out... read more

Man cheats death in dog attack - 2008.01.17

A man out walking with his two young children narrowly escaped injury when he was attacked by a vicious dog. John Duncan had just collected his children from the local park and was walking them home when the dog jumped out from behind a parked car... read more

Stupidity epidemic worsens - 2008.01.16

Latest figures from the Department of Health show an alarming increase in the spread of stupidity. The number of reported cases has skyrocketed in recent months exceeding the total for both HIV and the common cold. Stupidity is now the number one health... read more