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eCare Launched - 2008.10.24

stateofchaos is proud to announce the launch of eCare, it's new virtual day care facility. Gone are the days when you had to dump your brats at the nearest kindergarten or bribe the neighbours to watch the little horrors. Now peace of mind is just a mouse click away!

eCare features

eCare uses our patented bio-compression technology to retain your offspring in a virtual sandbox. This 'bratbox' completely encloses the subject ensuring a silent & odourless environment. All physical interaction with the external surroundings is blocked.

Virtual feeding and waste disposal are available as optional extras. However with the reduced energy requirements resulting from rigid confinement and sensory deprivation, these options are usually only needed for long term care.

With an inbuilt camera allowing parental viewing over the web this system fully supports the adage "children should be seen but not heard". But if that's not enough we also provide the ultimate accessory, the 'block cloth'. This light impervious high density cloth fits snuggly over the bratbox giving absolute isolation for that "Out of site out of mind" feeling!

eCare logo

NB: Some overly sensitive clients have reacted negatively (ie: died) during long term care. Should you be concerned we recommend a trial period using expendable subjects such as the neighbours kids, before committing your immediate offspring to this program.