Various documents from a time before now

This is where old stuff is retired at the end of its pointless existence. Sometimes things get created and retired at the same time.

Rabid rabbit - 2008.01.23

Not much interesting happening right now so thought I'd just share something that's been puzzling me somewhat. A few days ago I was walking up the road to the corner post box in my lunch break like I often do, when a giant inflatable rabbit jumped out from behind a parked car and bit my head clean off. Well obviously I wasn't overly thrilled about it, especially as I had a meeting later that afternoon and didn't want to show up headless. So I shoved my hand down it's throat and tried to get it back. After a bit of argy bargy I managed to get it out but in the process my wrist got caught up between two teeth. There was lots more pushing and shoving and next thing my hand is ripped off.

Anyway by this stage I was pretty fed up. I stuck my head back on and decided to get back to work, one hand's better than none and I don't really need two in my business. So what? you say, giant rabbits are always attacking people, nothing new there! Ok, you got me on that one, but get this, the rabbit was wearing a black turban and one of those long white robe things! Not quite so normal now right? Anyway since then the question that keeps nagging at the back of my mind is, "Why the black turban?" I mean it could have been blue or green or even yellow polka dots, but BLACK? I don't get it?!