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Man cheats death in dog attack - 2008.01.17

A man out walking with his two young children narrowly escaped injury when he was attacked by a vicious dog. John Duncan had just collected his children from the local park and was walking them home when the dog jumped out from behind a parked car.

Said Mr Duncan: "It was all so sudden like, I was just tellin me daughter to be careful crossin the road when this mongrel jumps out at me snarlin & snappin like crazy, real vicious it was. Then I don't know why, just natural reflexes I guess, I just grabbed the kids and flung them in front of me. That's what saved me I reckon. The mongrel locked onto Bobby's throat and I thought now's my chance and I high tailed it outa there. I got in a nearby house ok and could see the dog was still rippin into the kids. I'm tellin ya I'm sure glad I had them kids with me today or I'd a been a goner I reckon."

Police have praised Mr Duncan's quick reactions. An officer who attended the scene said, "It would certainly have been a lot more serious if Mr Duncan hadn't reacted so swiftly. It is very fortunate that he had his children with him at the time." Dog control officers confirm that the dog has been spoken to and it has agreed to attend a canine anger management program.