A brief history of chaos and other stuff

State Of Chaos started out as a BBS back on the 1st of June 1991. It specialized in providing quality GIF pictures and the best shareware available, particularly 'Apogee' games. By the mid 90's it had reached over three thousand users and received favourable reviews in several computing magazines. However it gradually lost users as the Internet gained in popularity. This decline, coupled with a total lack of y2k compatibility ensured it didn't survive long in the new millennium. Some time later I decided to reuse the State Of Chaos name for this web site.

This site was originally created for the purpose of learning, testing and experimenting with web design, style sheets and such like stuff. It has since been extended to include content resulting from random thoughts. It is entirely handcrafted using vi under Linux with a design philosophy of aesthetic minimalism. No attempt has been made to maintain backward compatibility with older web browsers, I prefer aiming for standards compliance instead.

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The Author

At the time of writing this I am employed as a sort of general purpose IT person for a small ISP where I have worked for over fourteen years. My experience has covered most areas of the IT industry from help desk to system administration to hardware and everything in between.

Me and someone else

This is me and someone else, you can take your pick as to which is which. My interests include computers, electronics, running, swimming, photography (hence the Image Gallery), juggling, gardening and writing occasional articles for this site.

Nutritional Analysis

This product should be used as part of a balanced diet. Unsuitable for infants under 12 months except on the advice of a psychiatric specialist.

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