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End of world announced - 2005.08.13

In a move that has taken many commentators by surprise, stateofchaos today announced the end of the world. While initial reaction appears to be predominantly positive there have been murmurings of discontent from some sectors. The UN Secretary General expressed his disappointment at what he considers to have been a "somewhat dictatorial approach to the consultative process" and questioned the right of stateofchaos to impose it's own apparently arbitrary end date. At a news briefing this morning a stateofchaos representative issued the following statement.

We at the stateofchaos are proud to be able to announce that the end of the world will take place on the 23rd October 2009. Over many generations people from all walks of life, princes to paupers, scientists to theologians, have argued and agonized over when the world would end. Indeed, many have questioned whether it would end at all. In making this bold move and setting a specific termination date stateofchaos is bringing to a close these centuries of confusion and restoring a sense of certainty to peoples lives. We realize that some people may be disappointed to find that they will not be around as long as they had hoped. They can rest assured that we chose this date after a long and thorough process of consultation and discussion, a process in which the good of the masses was always our highest priority.

Many organisations are now planning parties to celebrate World Termination Day, or WTD as it has become known. It looks like it could shape up to be the event of the century. Further developments will be announced as they come to hand.